Intranet or an Intranet network is a type of network, which consists of a collection of different Internet connections through which users are able to gain access to files and other resources over the internet. Intranet has several similarities with the traditional network, in that it is highly secured and restricted in nature. An Intranet has various applications and provides users with a large amount of freedom, in comparison with other forms of network. It also has several intranet advantages, over other forms of the network such as desktop and more traditional LAN solutions, including Intranet application suites.

Intranet networks are highly secure in nature. They do not allow the user to infiltrate their data or send their confidential information to anyone. In other words, Intranet ensures that the information provided by the user is only available within the company or organization itself. Intranet users are also bound by various network security procedures such as firewalls, anti-virus programs, etc. in order to maintain the secrecy of the network.

Intranets provide their users with a network of related documents, where they can work on related tasks without having to disturb the other users. The Intranet software system allows users to coordinate work and also exchange information. Some of the popular Intranet applications include Microsoft Office, Weather Online, Perfect Office, My SQL, Lotus Notes, Team Foundation Server, Sybase Open Source Enterprise, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, and many more.

Intranet servers are also used to provide network security to a business. Intranet servers help to provide security for a group of computers, with the help of a password. This helps to maintain the secrecy of the network. Intranet servers use top-level domain name servers for security purposes.

Intranet software also includes the authorization procedures needed to access information on a network. Access control helps to decide who has access to a particular network and also decides what information is available to a particular user. Authorized users have the authority to access information on the network. They also have the power to shut down or terminate other users, if required.

Intranet servers contain various programs and databases used by the network. These may include chat rooms, personal bulletin boards, and personal files like pictures, faxes, etc. Some Intranet software programs allow users to share images, videos, and files. Internet access is also possible through Intranet, which helps in enhancing network security.

A number of organizations now use the Intranet as a way of communication and disseminate information to their users. Intranet helps in increasing the productivity of employees by providing instant access to important information. It makes collaboration among workers much easier. Intranet can be considered as a revolution in computer science and technology. The Intranet network has become popular with many users who are finding it extremely useful in increasing their productivity.

Intranet software programs allow users to exchange and disseminate information instantaneously and provide them with easy access to their files and data. It is used for educational purposes as well as for conducting business. The Intranet network security does not allow unauthorized access and distribution of information.

The intranet is a medium of sharing and transmitting information and with the help of the internet, it can bring the entire world together within a short span of time. Intranet has gained popularity among common people, as they can save their valuable information on the Internet and share it with others for any reason. The intranet is a kind of network that consists of several cooperating stations, thereby forming a large network. The intranet is used for participating in online interactive sessions, participating in e-mail accounts, newsgroup browsing, and other forms of network communications. The intranet is similar to the Internet, but there are major differences.

An intranet is a form of computer network which is separate and distinct from the public and private networks. The intranet is widely used in colleges and universities, where distance learners can join the network for participating in the course work and for downloading resources. Intranet can be accessed and used even by children who are old enough to use computers. The intranet is mostly used for academic purposes; however, some business firms also make use of the Intranet for their employees.

Intranet software is meant to be used by anyone even if he/she does not have a connection to the internet. There are many Intranet software available, such as Microsoft FrontPage, Sun StarOffice, and others that are specifically designed to suit the needs of users. Some Intranet software is web-based. Intranet has helped people to save their data, programs, and other essential information. Even though Intranet was initially an upgrade of the Internet, it has its own benefits and drawbacks.

It was initially intended to replace the older Telephone network, but later on, proved very useful when the internet grew in popularity. Nowadays it serves as an information exchange system that helps in the organization of small-scale businesses. The intranet is gaining more popularity today as it provides an interactive platform to people, allowing them to network with each other in a safe manner. Although Intranet cannot be used as a medium for mass communication, it is still making use of this technology in providing information exchange among individuals.